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About Pitts Construction

2012-04-03_13-03-15_583Pitts Construction is a licensed general contractor specializing in concrete installation and repair. ln business since 1984, we have served both commercial and industrial customers across the Gulf Coast from our home base in Mobile, Alabama. Beginning in the early 1990’s, we saw a need developing for a contractor who could not only install new concrete, but assist in troubleshooting and repair of existing structures. This area of our business has grown throughout the years, as we have stayed on the forefront of concrete repair methods and technologies. Through honesty, hard work, and a quality product, we have developed a loyal customer base and would like to continue doing so with you as our next customer.

We're Ready to Solve Your Concrete Problems

We've been doing this since 1984. That's a long time. We're concrete repair experts. Call us. We'll be right up front with our solution and project cost.