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Methods of Concrete Repair

Epoxy lnjection
IMG_20150317_142123960This is a process by which epoxy resin is injected under pressure into fractured concrete in order to solidify the structure and regain integrity. This is the most common method used for concrete repair where cracking is the problem.

Polyurethane Grout lnjection
This process involves injection of a catalyzed polyurethane grout into a wet environment allowing the grout to expand and cure. This method could be used when water needs to be sealed in or out of a concrete area or whenever soil stabilization is needed under or around a structure.

Epoxy/ Cementitious Grout
This process involves installing mixed grout in void or spall areas
within a larger piece of concrete. Grout installation typically is necessary when portions of the original concrete structure have deteriorated to the point they no longer provide structural integrity. Another typical use for grout is around machine bases to minimize vibration and provide support. Material can be pumped, poured, or hand applied.

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